THTF, short for “Two Hands, Ten Fingers”, is the product of a creative partnership between artists known only as Antonin and Clément, who met in 2008 while studying visual arts and immediately bonded over similar tastes and ideas. What started off as simple black and white illustrations, their unique graphic style took on a larger dimension as the artists moved their work to the streets, painting and collaging directly onto walls and buildings in France as well as other parts of Europe.

It was not long before their surrealist street art, which combines childlike animation and geometric shapes, attracted the attention of private galleries, encouraging them to make the transition into the contemporary art world.  

As well as creating a short film titled ‘Europa Europa’ in 2013, which documents the artists’ travels, the duo have participated in various cultural events, including a performance at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, a collaboration with the MC2, Grenoble, and more recently a private exhibition titled ‘Etudes’, at the Galerie Association d’Idées, Marseille.

Despite being recognised internationally,THTF continue to exhibit regularly in Lyon, France where they both live and work.

The collaboration between THTF and Tranoï is an exciting and fresh partnership which celebrates the constant evolution of the creative process.

Created sur mesure by THTF for Tranoï, the four paintings designed for each show makeup a dynamic series that reflect the artists’ current, more refined style, which plays with texture and volume to create sculptural shapes that push the boundaries of collage. 

Watch the new Tranoï video HERE to see THTF in action at Tranoï Homme & Tranoï Preview Spring/Summer 2016.

— LV