Born in a small town in southern Malaysia, Chin Teo moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2004 to further his study in design. After completed a degree in industrial design and graduating with honours at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Teo's lack of interest in the world of commercial design led him to learn jewellery making and traditional silversmithing. The discovery of crafting jewellery and objects by hand with precious metals quickly became his favourite medium for artistic expression and the artisan way of life instinctively has turned into his passion.

CHIN TEO jewellery is handmade by artisan methods from start to completed piece. Its timeless aesthetic is accentuated through the use of variety of hand texturing and finishing techniques, creating "modern artefact" jewellery pieces that speaks to fashion-conscious men and women. Drawing upon raw materials as the starting point allows the artisan to explore all possibilities through the manipulation of precious metals and stone. The works are both reflective and personal, which transcends the concept of adornment and the relationship with the wearer.

Disregarding seasonal trends in fashion jewellery, Chin Teo's hand-crafted artisan jewellery pieces captures monumental forms with aged silver finishes through tools and methods of both traditional and new gold/silversmith crafting. Inspired by the conflict of nature elements and industrial architecture, resulted into formed finished pieces of jewellery that reveal the beauty of both perfection and imperfection. Cracks, exposed joints, scars and tool marks are celebrated alongside with master jewellery making techniques that take years to perfect.  

Chin Teo is now based in London, UK, where he works from his atelier in Camberwell. His jewellery is sold at H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles, Project 3.14 in Moscow, Atelier New York and Hotoveli in New York, Hide-M in Munich, Ink-Clothing in Hong Kong and Anchoret in Beijing. Chin Teo will be presenting for the first time at Tranoï Homme in January.