At the end of the seventies, Tullio Marani began his career working as assistant designer for the younger clothing collection of Marzotto group of Valdagno. Some years later, Marani was summoned by the Fiorucci label in Milan and in a few years he takes on the designer and creative director roles for the brand. During a trip in the US he meets Douglas Tompkins, CEO of Esprit USA, who proposed for him to import and update the design of this American company for Europe. Tullio Marani became then managing director of Esprit Europe and moved to Paris, and then to Madrid, establishing a link between the San Francisco and European headquarters. In the early nineties, he completed his experience working as vice president at Bally Group, his role covering fashion design, retail management, as well as communication and visual merchandising. During this time, Marani realises his dream to create unique handmade models - on the island of Elba, located off the Tuscany region in Italy, Marani meets an artisan by the name of Henry Beguelin, and he starts helping him to distribute his products locally.

HENRY BEGUELIN products are crafted by hand with ancient mastery, timeless pieces that are always current, eschewing trends to become an expression of real luxury. The brand began by producing belts, a few handbags and some small leather goods. Since, it has added shoes, boxes and a few leather baskets, furniture and, more recently, has started producing clothing and cashmere knitwear. The hallmark of the HENRY BEGUELIN world is the miniature stick figure, hand embroidered in the special waxed thread used to sew all the brand’s products, the very same symbol that decorated the original belts of the Eighties.

HENRY BEGUELIN products can be found at Neiman Marcus, Relish and Tender in the USA, Cahemire & Silk in Russia, Tiziana Fausti, Bergamo and La Tenda, Milano in Italy and Riada in Sydney, Australia as well as their online boutique.