Sisters Mercedes Zubizarreta and Elena Zubizarreta grew up in Madrid, Spain, where their family taught them to appreciate the beauty of design and things well-made. In 2012, while they were working in the different areas as marketing and interior design, the sisters decided to start a capsule collection of printed bags. Seemingly overnight, both of them turned their design passion into a successful brand.

The sisters design bags based on the woman that works, studies and has her own family, but still wants something special on her everyday outfit. Each model is designed with an essential size and shape, removing the superficial and recovering basic functionality. Each ZUBI bag is then produced featuring an original photo taken by Mercedes or Elena from somewhere in the world, as all are part from their personal archives. More than a bag, ZUBI “is an experience, a memory that travels with you”. Each creation is named after the location where the photograph was taken. Since its inception, ZUBI has tried to create sustainable economic opportunities for Spanish artisans and entrepreneurs, and are proud to support the 100% hand made in Spain from beginning to the end.

The Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection to be presented at Tranoï Preview takes a trip through feelings that go beyond one place, where everything is connected - sea and mountain, desert and rivers, like the tectonic crash that results in The Andes. One oceanic plate against one continental plate make the connection between the sea and the high mountain, mixing fossils with fir trees. The main colours in the collection are red, blue, white and orange, and fabrics used are the essential, canvas and leather. The bags evolve to versatile shapes for fighting against elements and the adventure of life: from leather sacs to padded cases, totes and backpacks. The handbag pouch is complemented with tassels, 3D pieces with skies and crabs, leather straps and for the first time scarfs, to cover and protects necks and wrists, but also to personalize the bags.

ZUBI is currently stocked in Merci and Le Bon Marche in Paris, ABC Carpet & Home in NY, Tomorrowland, Fred Segal, Ron Herman and Nano Universe in Japan, and Cocktail in Hong Kong.