TRANOÏ is proud to announce the launch of a new perfume area at its forthcoming January show to meet the growing demands of buyers wanting access to more lifestyle products at fashion trade shows.

Labelled TRANOÏ PARFUMS, this new perfume “trade show within a trade show” will host a selection up-market and exclusive niche perfume brands in the very centre of the newly added venue Cité de la Mode et du Design during the three days of Tranoï Homme & Preview (woman’s pre-collections), January 23 – 25, 2016.

As well as an artistic installation, TRANOÏ PARFUMS will present series of exclusive keynotes and market insights representing a new trade show model and has major potential to become a leading rendezvous for both buyers and brands in the perfume world.

TRANOÏ PARFUMS aims to create an introduction between both loyal and valuable buyers and a careful selection of contemporary, creative fragrance brands as well as diversifying the Tranoï Homme & Preview ready-to-wear and accessory collection offering.

WOUTER WIELS, supporter of the emergence of intimate perfumery in France as organiser of the annual Parisian event Rives de la Beauté for the last seven years, will direct the TRANOÏ PARFUMS project for January 2016.

Wouter Wiels is joined by DAVID FROSSARD, forerunner of the niche perfume movement with his own multi-brand agency Différentes Latitudes. David Frossard is tasked with gathering the exhibitor selection committee and inviting the most important buyers in the beauty industry.

David Frossard forms a solid duo with artistic designer, PHILIPPE DI MÉO. With a background in design and deep roots in the perfume universe thanks to Liquides Imaginaires, his own company, Philippe Di Méo has been assigned the artistic interpretation of the perfume area with his own take – that of ritual and customs.


Di Méo, will create an artistic installation of sensory discovery – the PERFUME DRESSING ROOMS – using the iconic raw materials of perfume that link fashion and fragrance. Five fitting rooms will be constructed in the heart of the ready-to-wear collections, each representing the principal ingredients of scent, such as vegetable-tanned leather, oak bark and chestnut wrapped in raw silk.

GIVAUDAN, the global leader in the fragrance and flavour industry, will develop the following five fragrances following this theme.

- Vegetable-tanned leather

- Raw silk

- Ancient Linen

- White Cashmere

- Sailor Neoprene

The selection committee for Tranoï Parfums will be;


Founders, L'Eclaireur & Artistic Directors, Tranoï


Beauty Director, Le Bon Marché


Specialist Perfume Journalist


Founder, Les Liquides Imaginaires


Founder, Différentes Latitudes


Founder, Rives de la Beauté


In the words of Armand Hadida, Artistic Director of Tranoï, and the instigator of the project:

“Tranoï Parfums aims to provide the perfect platform for our loyal international buyers to discover a distinctive, creative and contemporary selection of Perfume brands. Prepare to discover this prestigious venue, transformed into a multisensory artistic installation featuring singular scents, surrounded by exceptional bottles and many other surprises. Tranoï Parfums will be a new professional platform which is set to become an unmissable event in the world of Haute Parfumerie.”

Tranoï welcomes you to discover this new trade show concept, showcasing the best in specialty perfumery and fragrances in January. Register now for your free visitor entrance badge here.

Tranoï Homme & Preview Autumn/Winter 2016-17

January 23 – 25, 2016

**NEW VENUE** Cité de la Mode et du Design - 34, quai d'Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

Palais de la Bourse - 2, place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris