Born in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Jaga Buyan grew up in a household that encouraged free thought and artistic values. At the age of eight, Buyan started sewing and making her own pieces out of her mom's leftover fabrics. Once finishing high school in 1994, Buyan entered the School of Foreign Service, at Mongolian National University. She has a dream of learning foreign languages and other cultures, besides making dresses. Driven by a sense exploration, an inherent Mongolian trait, she packed her bags and gave up a career in the foreign ministry after graduating MNU. In 1999, Buyan moved to America. After learning English, Buyan began working in major retail outlets. She studied fashion first-hand in retail trade, cumulating a ravenous will to design. In 2004, with confidence in her ability, Buyan opened her first retail store in West Hollywood.

By 2007, Buyan was working on her own line ‘Duuya’, a collection-named after her mother, with precision and thoughtfulness, contributing to the timeless aesthetic of her designs to this day.  In 2009, she introduced her second line, JAGA, for everyday lifestyle clothing – a formula for the modern world with its design, utility and quality was formed. Now both Jaga linen and Duuya silk collections complement each other with their versatility, aiming to enhance a women's lifestyle.

Jaga Buyan draws influence from her native land of Mongolia when designing for her lines Duuya and Jaga, both collections of hand painted, hand dyed, printed silk pure silk and linen cotton garments, made in Los Angeles. Buyan’s designs are best described as dishabille. The look, style and feel of her clothes present an air of cool nonchalance, sophistication and femininity. Her style is delicate, subtle and raw to the eye and touch. Indigenous culture and history are inspiration for her designs and patterns.

Jaga Buyan’s designs are stocked in a selection of stores in the U.S. as well as Australia, Canada and Denmark. This is the designers first time showing her collections at Tranoï New York.