Tranoï Femme will again play host to a selection of the most talented luxury prêt-à-couture designers from all around the world.

For this edition, these evening wear designers will be present under the beautiful gilded chandeliers of the first floor of the Palais de la Bourse and a dedicated space at Carrousel du Louvre - the perfect setting to showcase the stunning luxury looks. Discover a selection of these designers below.


The 2nd Skin Co. is a fashion brand created by Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, both with a long background in the fashion business. Bound by an aesthetic complementarity and partners by passion, they created the company in 2006, obtaining a wide coverage in the press, which had been waiting for this stealthy appearance with high expectations.

The universe of The 2nd Skin Co. offers a contemporary version of close and versatile luxury, suitable for a wide range of women, with different tastes and life styles.The sophisticated simplicity of the designs and their delicate sewing are the best proof of the taste, the skills and the aspirations of the team that configures The 2nd Skin Co.


Cristian Samfira started his career in 1997 as an eyewear designer while still being a student. After graduation, in 1999, he became a designer for one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Romania at that time. At the same time he was the fashion stylist for the Romanian editions of Cosmopolitan and FHM magazines.

In 2003, Samfira started to develop his eponymous brand, exhibiting his creations in exclusive boutiques. Cristian Samfira become an independent brand and a standalone design studio in 2004.

Over the past 10 years, Cristian Samfira brand consolidated its image and style and gained increasing popularity among women with no prejudices. The bearers of the brand see clothes, rather than an accessory, a discrete “business card” that introduces them as an elevated, elegant and cultivated person. It addresses women that have the courage to change and the ability to adapt to new situations, women that have a story to tell and are not afraid of speaking loud about it. The clothes are worn by self-confident women that carry themselves tall and proud and choose their clothes based on their needs and desires and not to please others.


Stylist Patricia Bonaldi develops collections that gently combine exquisite techniques. The discrete exuberance and heritage of the manual do structured the brand for over a decade and represent an aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of the site. The creations of Patricia Bonaldi are at parties around the Brazil and in 4 continents.

"A romantic and, at the same time, sensual woman who knew how to use her clothes to influence her country and the fashion world." This is how the designer Patricia Bonaldi describes Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France who changed the way people dressed in the eighteenth century and whose influence is felt to this day.

The Queen's romanticism has been interpreted in the FW1617 collection through floral motifs, devoré, fabrics, and fluid forms, as well as tapes and ties, which she added to looks she wore in her private palace, Petit Trianon, where she lived a romantic, country life. By contrast, the glamor of the great balls of Versailles has been transported to the present day in embroidered dresses, voluminous tulle skirts, and tight cuts that conveyed the power of the most important Queen of all time to the world.


The FARAH KHAN brand made its debut when founder and creative director Farah Khan showcased the collection at the Tranoi trade show in Avenue Montaigne, Paris, in 2007. Farah Khan's expertly-made dresses advocate fuss-free dressing, while adding fun and glamour to the modern women's wardrobe. The label adorns simple silhouettes with exquisite embellishments to produce beautiful made ready-to-wear pieces.

Farah Khan's signature embellishments are hand-sewn by Southeast Asian artisans, employing techniques handed down over centuries to ensure that each piece is an iconic limited edition. Sleek silhouettes and clean cuts take inspiration from art, music, architecture and the modern woman who is constantly on the move.