Traditional savoir-faire at Tranoï New York


Adhering to centuries-old practices, harnessing artisanal skills and respecting natural resources and materials, the following brands, presenting at Tranoï New York during Market Week this month, represent preserved methods and excellence in traditional savoir-faire - merging community and culture with the contemporary class.

ZEUS+DIONE (top photo)

With a rich heritage rooted in mythology and symbolism, Zeus+Dione transcends classical notions of style and design. Named after the parents of the ancient Greek Goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth, the brand is characterized by a unique interpretation of myth and tradition. While various aspects of ancient culture affect the design of each new collection, the Greek letter, Delta Δ, is a predominant undertone of the brand, alluding to spirituality, harmony and creativity.

With creativity, design and culture at its core, Zeus+Dione was born from a passion to revive and redefine the local craft of artisans all over Greece, producing pieces that go beyond tradition, exceptional quality and fashion. Each piece is innovative, yet classical, contemporary yet timeless, conceptualizing a new lifestyle that speaks to those who seek something rare.

Each custommade textile is weaved, dyed, embroidered and cut by expert artisans utilizing traditional techniques with a contemporary edge. Zeus+Dione’s exclusive silk textiles are crafted uniquely for the brand in a quaint spinning mill in Soufli. Each silk shirt is then cut by hand, and later embroidered in Metsovo, while dresses and skirts are knitted by the craftswomen of the Cyclades. Beyond the production of custom textiles, selected designs are adorned with traditional patterns and intricate motifs handwoven in Crete, ensuring an elegant signature collection every season.



The European Culture range of clothes is created by sewing and mixing different natural textiles which are then immersed in large tanks filled with dye for four hours at 95°C. This method results in garments of a very high quality which, when worn, gain in value and beauty over time. When washed, the textiles acquire different tones and shades, which give them a unique “vintage” look. This particular colouring process carried out at 95°C, also produces perfectly sterile garments, which guarantees a feel-good quality for the wearer. Working closely together, a creative team and a group of product technicians explore and experiment with new solutions, in a bid to improve the historical “garment dye” method.

The selected raw materials are of the highest quality and chosen to withstand the demands of production and usage. This care, together with the innovative and sophisticated design of the garments, makes European Culture’s products truly unique. The brand’s specialized production processes allow for the usage of materials not usually available for dyeing clothes, such as the latest generation fibres and wools.

Craftsmanship and technology united by modern leadership, allow for the realization of an Italian product which adheres to all the applicable European standards. The products are constantly monitored during the production phase and fulfil the most rigorous criteria to assure the highest quality and the most effective service.


Inspired by tradition, intertwined with the contemporary, Filip + Inna creates garment from the ancient techniques of weaving, embroidery and beadwork from different indigenous groups of the Philippines. Their mission is to create while also reviving - preserving ancient traditions of the Philippines that are in danger of becoming lost. Working with many groups of talented artisans across the Archipelago, Filip + Inna gives them an opportunity to improve their livelihoods.

Lenora Luisa Cabili is the Founder and Creative Designer of Filip + Inna. Her love for the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines began as a child growing up in Iligan City in Mindanao. She fondly remembers visits to her home by the Maranaos in all their finery and her exposure to different Indigenous Peoples was further enhanced through Philippine folk dance. The impression they made on her is the heart of Filip + Inna.


Before the company was established in 1989, the family history behind the founders of FurLand included talented Russian artisans, artists and architectures. In 90s, the company was a part of the Union of Artists of the country and dealt with reconstruction of the traditional and development of new fur technologies, representing of Russian culture at the international events and creating fur garments for wardrobe of first ladies of the country. Today it is a niche family company, which produces limited quantity of fur products, with its headquarters still in Moscow.

Designed in Russia, in the country with historical roots of fur hats making, FurLand hats and accessories are designed for international women and men. All the items are produced at their own factory in Moscow, adhering to all the features of historical production. Maintaining traditional Russian fabrication methods and materials, FurLand uses high quality furs bought at the world fur auctions, while paying important attention to the rehabilitation and survival of the environment.