Tranoï proudly welcomes Byronesque with a unique installation during the third edition of Tranoï New York. Byronesque, the leading authority in contemporary- vintage fashion and subculture has teamed up with Life in Perfect Disorder to create a limited edition collection of premium vintage T-shirts featuring a dream team of designers. This collection is an anti-fast fashion homage to vintage designers from 20 years ago or more who changed the course of fashion for the better; from the likes of the Antwerp Six, Yamamoto, Westwood to Montana or Kawakubo to name a few. The hard-to-find t-shirts have been carefully sourced by one of Byronesque’s vintage specialist partners, Patrick Matamoros of Chapel NYC. The designs capture the iconic history of each designer in more detail. A portion of sales will be donated towards a fashion student’s graduate show to encourage the next generation of designers to be as imaginative as our fashion heroes. Attendees won’t be able to miss this presentation right at the entrance of Tranoï New York and will even have the chance to get captured in the designer T-shirt of their choice.