Martone Cycling Co.


Fashion bike brand, Martone Cycling Co. debuts at Tranoï New York with an exclusive preview of its Spring/Summer 16 collection. With the Summer Olympic Games in Rio edging ever closer, Brazilian-born designer Lorenzo Martone has created two new styles of the signature MC2 bikes in colors inspired by his native country. The new “Carioca” bike is the first multi-colored bike to be offered by the company, a medley of colors directly interpreting the iconic red, yellow, green, blue and black Olympic rings. The “Diana” bike is a sleek, monochromatic green bike, reminiscent of the Brazilian rainforests and foliage. In the same fashion as preceding seasons, the new style is named “Diana” after a street Martone lived on growing up in Sao Paolo. The new Brazil-inspired bikes are available for both men and women. Men’s bikes are sold without a basket (which can be purchased separately), while women’s bikes continue to boast the specially designed basket built into each handle bar, making it easy to tote everyday essentials up to 20 pounds. These bikes feature the same technical specifications such as an SRAM system that automatically shifts gears as the rider cycles, and of course, the red chain, that have become signature to the company. Martone Cycling Co. will join the celebration in Brazil by supplying the famed Fasano Hotel in Ipanema with a special selection of bikes for guests’ riding pleasure but a first look can be exclusively discovered during Tranoï New York.