Being the only designer in her 2014 graduating class at Parsons to showcase a headpiece collection, Gloria Yu quickly gained the attention of international retailers and press as she showcased her couture headpieces and launched her ready-to-wear headpiece line YUNOTME. Hand-crafted with luxurious materials, Yunotme’s range of headpieces celebrates feminine charm and empowerment while reinterprets the extra-terrestrial edge of Gloria’s sculptural crowns, creating statement pieces for the cosmopolitan women.

“Romance Is Not Dead” draws inspiration from Virginia Woolf writings and elegant, powerful, sensual women who believe in creating their own myths. Made with fine materials such as ropes, glass pearls, silk and feathers, this collection offers unique headpieces for the modern female.

In the year since Yunotme was launched, its work has been featured in international publications such as WWD, V, Marie Claire, Nylon, Teen Vogue, to name a few, and they could currently be found in stores such as and Lane Crawford.