Founded in 2005, DEADLY PONIES offers a family of leather accessories that challenge traditional notions around design, fashion and luxury. Their clients are invested in the DEADLY PONIES story, our creative freedom and our commitment to using top quality natural materials, adventurous craftsmanship and bespoke manufacturing.

The DEADLY PONIES story began in a suburban New Zealand garage and has grown into one of Australasia’s most trusted and recognisable contemporary luxury brands. For a decade, Deadly Ponies has been in the hands of founder and Creative Director Liam Bowden. His eye for sumptuous natural materials and an indisputable talent for design, Bowden has turned DEADLY PONIES into a national treasure.  Hailing from a background in graphic design, Bowden’s love of fashion began very young. His daily artistic tasks became an obsession. Early DEADLY PONIES pieces were hand-sewn from leather scraps, lovingly recovered from the rubbish bins of local tanneries, and hardware sourced from the local shipbuilding industry. Beginning at a time when local leather manufacturers were closing their doors, Bowden was confident that customers respected and desired local, quality products. He was determined to reinvigorate the industry, buying up machinery and creating an in-house production team to bring his vision to life. Bowden’s unique operation is now inside the global top 20 luxury manufacturers using New Zealand deer leather. The unique moniker is borne from this story. His self-taught construction techniques suited the grungy aesthetic at the root of the brand and the name stuck. More than a decade on, both the brand and Bowden have matured into what we see today, innovative, artisanal and modern products. The name remains as a fitting tribute to a brand that is as fierce as it is graceful.  As a modern luxury brand, DEADLY PONIES has carved a distinctive position of his own, moving beyond the traditional notion of luxury.

‘Yingo Yango’ dances between winter and summer, cold and hot, light and dark, to create DEADLY PONIES first dual-season collection. Creative Director Liam Bowden celebrates the notion of duality, exploring the delightful and often surprising interdependent nature of opposing forces. ‘Yingo Yango’ exists within a spirited and playful conflict, in a zone where traditionally opposing ideas collide, says Bowden. As a collection that concurrently serves both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the colour palette of rustic magenta, grout grey and murky yellow strike the perfect visual balance between spring day and cool winter’s eve. Deadly Ponies’ classics are complemented by a range of new patchwork styles in croc embossed leather, a subtle nod to the idea of ‘oneness’ borne from complementary dualisms. Bold, brave and thought-provoking, embrace the vitality of Yingo Yango this season.

DEADLY PONIES is currently available at David Jones, Incu, Husk, Cult Status and Toscani in Australia; Midwest in Japan; Found in the UK; and the DEADLY PONIES stand alone stores, Ballantynes Department store, David Jones Department store, Sisters and Co in New Zealand.