Francesco Visone was born in Naples in October 1992. His origins remarkably affected his conception of fashion. He studied Law at the University Federico II in Naples, which made him acquire a critical approach to the world. He does not accept the status quo and is constantly on the lookout for innovation. Such assumptions contributed to the progress of his project. He immediately realised the fortune of being Neapolitan, the very fortune that allowed him to enjoy the best handicraft competences in the world. This is the reason why he then decided to fully localize his production in Naples on one side and to sell his products all over the world on the other side. His ambition as designer is breaking the schemes of classical fashion by making his products extremely versatile to any kinds of need and appropriate to any circumstances. From his very first collection, a remarkable interest by the market was perceived, asking to sell his products in the most important and well-known boutiques and soon gathering important successes. This was followed by further collections, designed to please the most demanding and different public. The goal of his brand is creating luxury accessories, taking into account the Italian handicraft tradition and at the same time offering a product completely able to meet the needs of the current market.

VISONE was born in 2011 from its founder’s passion and ambition. The company is located in Naples, Italy, same place in which we find its heart and mind, the place in which the creations are conceived, in which the style, modelling and productions are developed and that, thanks to the great talent of its artisan partners, high end products born, totally respecting traditional techniques and procedures. Francesco Visone gave birth to his first handbags collection, expressing through the attention for details, and through the excellence and quality of the made in Italy. The maximum expression has been reached thanks to the right balance between creativity and innovation, elegance and feminine touch, minimalism in the straight shapes and softness of materials. All of which, with the objective of creating and producing an extremely functional product. Francesco Visone aims for, since the beginning, on the research of high end materials, style, innovation and design. Firmly rooted with the past, his sight is always directed to the future, to the exigencies of a market without national boundaries, moving in change and continuous evolution.

For the collection to be presented at TRANOÏ Paris: Women’s, Francesco Visone returns to the first years of the twentieth century, to the artistic experience of the abstract movement. In different zones of Europe, and with no common aims, there has been the exigency of representing a reality not connected to the time’s formal representations, which can be objectively recognized. Abstract shapes, contrasting colours, angles and curves merge together to form something new and never seen till that moment. In the same way, Francesco Visone associates contrasting materials and colours, reproducing unusual things, rarely seen in the referring contexts. The objective is to express diversity in any occasion, through a strongly-impacting accessory.