For the Spring/Summer edition of TRANOÏ Paris: Women’s, iconic Parisian lifestyle store, MERCI, will redesign the TRANOÏ CLUB area, dedicated to top buyers and press, at the Cité de le Mode et du Design venue.

TRANOÏ has given ‘carte blanche’ to Daniel Rozensztroch, the artistic director and Laurence Leclerc, manager of home collections from the Marais-based concept store, who, along with their team, have been inspired by the creativity and modernity of the industrial, concrete-built Seine-side building.

Labelled LA SUITE TRANOÏ X MERCI, the 40m2 loft-like area will be installed with working-zones interspersed with rest areas, subtly mixing vintage, industrial and authentic design elements. A spectacular captain’s seat, crafted in metal and dating from the mid 19th century, will be the feature of the installation.

For TRANOÏ, this collaboration reinforces the launch of its new area, TRANOÏ Paris: Lifestyle, dedicated to an exclusive selection of brands presenting the best interiors objects, high-tech items, furniture and gadgets in the heart of Cité de la Mode et du Design.

Together, TRANOÏ and MERCI present their collaboration – artistic, creative and contemporary – with two echoing voices, to better capture the spirit of the inaugural TRANOÏ Paris: Lifestyle space.