From left to right, top to bottom: Stahl Corporation, Alessandro Lastella, Bob Carpenter, Marc Stone, David Preston, Franzel Amsterdam, Fob Paris, Leather Crown, Beau Homme, Mafalda Fonseca, Tagliovivo.

Familiar silhouettes with an air of something different, something more contemporary, more now.

Unlined suits, tucked seams in ways that defy custom, shoes that take you easily from the boardroom to the weekend, stiff shirts that give way to t-shirts in cotton-silk blends - this is modern tailoring.

Accessories such as bow-ties and pocket squares in tongue-in-check prints, fob watches and statement socks make for a less formal dandy.

Lighter, sleeker and more cutting-edge, modern tailoring will feature heavily at Tranoï Homme in January. Almost two dozen designers will include elements of modern tailoring in their collections for Fall/Winter, a selection featured above.